Cheese can make a difference to your summer salad

London, 29th June 2015: Superb salad days are here thanks to British cheese - the focal point of a new campaign by the British Cheese Board (BCB).

The UK is the proud producer of over 700 named cheeses. Our great British cheesemakers produce some of the tastiest and most nutritious cheeses on the market, and although you may not always think it, cheese can make a difference to your salad.

The BCB has launched a summer-long campaign, ‘Cheese: Making a Difference to Summer Eating’, to provide consumers with advice on how we can use delicious and nutritious British cheese in our salads.

Joining the BCB throughout the summer will be celebrity chef Peter Sidwell, who regularly uses British cheese in his cooking. When Peter isn’t appearing on TV, he runs a busy restaurant and cookery school in the Lake District.

Peter Sidwell said: “Whether it’s Cheddar, Red Leicester or White Cheshire, British cheese is just so versatile and compliments so many different salad ingredients – it’s a great way to liven up your salad this summer.

“My style of cooking is to focus on the great British classics, and cheese is an important part in that. Although we may not immediately think of cheese when it comes to preparing salads, the purpose of this campaign is to show you how versatile it can be.”

Dr Judith Bryans, Chief Executive of Dairy UK, said: “We are delighted to have Peter on board to help us promote the different ways we can use cheese in our salads.

“On top of being a delicious and much loved staple of the nation’s diet, it is important to not overlook the nutritional value of our great British cheeses. Summer eating is all about being healthy and adding cheese to your salad will ensure that you get lots of the high-quality nutrients your body needs.”

Throughout the campaign, the BCB will be using social media and its website to post cheesy salad ideas and fun facts about cheese, as well as tips on how to pair different cheeses with other foods and drinks. The BCB will also be running a Twitter competition asking people to tweet a picture of their cheesy salad with the recipe which will be judged by Peter Sidwell.

The summer campaign will be run under the banner of Cheese Makes a Difference which reflects the industry’s overarching Dairy Makes a Difference initiative.


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About the British Cheese Board

The British Cheese Board (BCB) is a promotional and educational body for cheese within Dairy UK. It aims to educate consumers on great British cheeses and increase awareness of cheese in the UK as part of a healthy, balanced diet.