Winning Cheese on Toast Poem

19 August 2013

The British Cheese Board's (BCB) search to find the scientific formula for perfect cheese on toast launched back in early June 2013, and as part of this, the BCB offered one lucky cheese fan the opportunity to sit on the judging panel to help determine the very best recipe for cheese on toast. 

To win this unique prize, entrants were asked to write a short poem about why cheese on toast made from British cheese is so delicious. Thomas Frater (26, from Newcastle upon Tyne) impressed the British Cheese Board with his poem (see below), earning him a place alongside the expert judges.


One of history's greatest wheezes:

Eating bread with melted cheeses.

Breakfast, dinner, tea or lunch,

What could beat that juicy crunch?

Carefully done Caerphilly melts,

So well upon those ryes and spelts,

Y Fenni if I've already eaten,

Those valley cheeses can't be beaten.


Some cheddar when I'm feeling bold,

Will gild my slice like sweaty gold,

Or Cotherstone, or Wensleydale,

With tangy sting in creamy tail.

Double Gloucester, Waterloo,

Stinking Bishop, Stilton too,

All taste best, it must be said,

Warm and soft upon some bread.


Those cows and ewes on drizzly fells,

Turn that cud to milk so well,

Before it hits the creamery,

For churning and achiote,

That eaten cold it still tastes fine,

(I'll take a Ploughman's any time),

But for that final, extra thrill,

Whack the lot under the grill.