Kids recipe suggestions

The following recipes were devised by Jane Griffin, who is one of the most respected Consultant Nutritionists in the UK.

A Consultant Nutritionist is an expert who knows all about how food affects the body and advises people what they should eat to make them fit and healthy. As the Consultant Nutritionist to the British Olympic Association from 1990 to 2001, Jane has worked with a wide range of Olympic sports - including archery, badminton, rowing and canoeing - telling the individual athletes the types and quantities of foods they should eat. She is currently the Sports Dietiitan to London Irish RFC, the England and Wales Cricket Board and the Central School of Ballet. Jane has also worked with Norwich City FC, Aston Villa FC and Crystal Palace FC and is currently working with many Football Association Premier League Football Academies.

Check points before you start:

  • Tie hair back
  • Wash hands
  • Wear an apron
  • Make sure you have all the ingredients together before you start
  • Ensure adult help is close by
  • Take great care with hot things

Click on the recipe name below to open the cooking instructions:

Pitta Bread Pizza - perfect for lunch, dinner or even a mid-morning snack!

Apple and Cheese Salad - perfect in your lunch box as an alternative to sandwiches or even as a starter or dessert at home with mum and dad.

Dips and Sticks - try one or both of these yummy cheesy dips.

Cheese and Ham Risotto - the mild creamy flavour will appeal to young taste buds.

Cheesy Pasta Salad: The cheesy lunch box extravaganza - packed lunches needn’t always be dull sandwiches.

Cheesy Filled Bagels - serve warm for a great after school snack or cold as part of a packed lunch.

Fishy Potato Boats - this is a fun way to serve jacket potatoes and a great way to encourage children to eat fish.

Whats new pussycat? - you can let your imagination run riot with these easy to make savoury toasts.