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We have revised our Educational resources for school teachers and created a single "Background Information" section for use with all the packs. The current packs have all been updated to show activities that are consistent with the new National Curriculum for England starting in Autumn 2014.

Currently we have the following resources:

Foundation Stage, Foundation Stage Cards, Foundation Stage Poster

KS2 Science and Science Poster

KS2 Geography and Geography Poster

KS2 PSHE and Citizenship Poster

KS2 Design & Technology

KS3 Food Technology

All are designed to help teachers deliver certain aspectsof the National Curriculum in England in their respective subjects using cheese as a topic.

A film, showing the cheese making process, by contrasting the making of Cheddar cheese on a farm with the process in a large creamery, is now available to download. Please click on thelink below or the link on the Home page.

Please click below to view a video on making cheese.

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