Cornish Yarg

Yark Nettle

Cornish Yarg – Cornish Yarg is alleged to be the new name for the recipe of cheese produced may years ago by a Cornish dairy farmer by the name of Gray. The Horrells who discovered this recipe decided a new Cornish sounding name was required and decided on Yarg – a reversal of the letters of the name of the former owner. Yarg is a unique cheese for although it follows a Wensleydale style recipe it differs in a number of ways. It is a smaller size than a traditional Wensleydale, it has nettle leaves wrapped around it after it has come out of the cheese press, and finally it is given a light spraying of penicillium candidum” white mould to help give the cheese its unique appearance and flavour. Both the leaves and the white mould add an interesting dimension to the cheese. Yarg is defined as a semi-hard cheese is deliciously creamy under the rind and slightly crumbly in the core. It has a young, fresh, slightly tangy taste.