British Brie

Cornish Brie

Many people are genuinely surprised when they learn that Brie and Camembert are produced in the UK, believing that these cheeses can only be made in France. In fact both are generic names referring to a recipe. By contrast “Brie de Meaux” and “Camembert de Normandie” are both protected names referring to specific recipes which may only be made in their respective regions. In the UK Brie and Camembert are made by a number of smaller producers and in addition by two companies who are of a scale to be able to supply all of the major multiple retailers. Cornish Country Larder, based in Trevarrian near Newquay and Lubborn Cheese based on the Cricket St Thomas estate (home of “To the Manor Born”) near Crewkerne in Somerset. Both have been making award-winning white mould cheeses for some years – Lubborn having started in the 1980s and CCL in the 1990s. Both make both cows milk and goats milk versions whilst Lubborn also have a specialist Brie made exclusively from Channel Islands milk (from Jersey and Guernsey breed cows). Originally tailored to the British market with creamy mild versions, both companies now offer a range of different flavours for different retailers. “Llawnroc” Brie and Camembert from CCL are more complex flavoured cheeses whilst St Endellion, also from CCL, is a triple cream Brie made with added cream. Other producers include Raven’s Oak in Cheshire and Pont Gar from Carmarthenshire Cheese.